Saturn Nimbus 5 Tier Black

Saturn Nimbus Multi

Rolled from extruded aluminium profile, the Saturn Nimbus Multi  luminaries are available in a selection of diameters from 450mm to 1500mm. The extrusion is joined perfectly and seamlessly to form slimline LED rings.

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Nimbus Multi pendants are simply the Nimbus single rings suspended together to form one pendant. Any combination can be used of up to 8 rings in each set. For example 600/800/1000/1200/1000/800/600/450.

Click here to view the Saturn Single Tier pendant options. Add the wattage and lumen output of each single pendant to work out the output of the complete fitting.

Please note that high ceilings are required to hang Multi tier Nimbus pendants. Adequate spacing is required between the rings so each ring’s suspension cables do not interfere with the ring directly above it.

Ceiling space is also required to store multiple drivers.



Texture Black (BL)
Texture White (WH)
Custom Colour (CC)

3000K (4000K & 5000K available to order)

IP20  |  CRI80


1-10 Volt Included (110)
Optional DALI (DALI)
Optional SwitchDIM (SDIM)

Mounting Options:

Suspended wire – 3 cables/ring cable 3000mm including canopy. (BTC)
Suspended wire – 3 cables/ring cable 3000mm direct to ceiling (remotely stored drivers) (DTC)


To specify the Saturn Nimbus Multi pendants insert the following sequence ID code into your schedule;

SNM-(Insert pendant size range required) – (Finish) – (CCT) – (Dimming Type) – (Mounting Type) – PD

For example: SNM-1200/1000/800/600/45 -BL -4K – 110-DTC-PD